What do all business owners need? More targeted leads, right?

There is a better way than throwing more cash into Facebook, Bing, and Google ads.

You can write special reports to give away as lead generators.

In return for an email address, you offer a valuable piece of content that interests your target market.

It has to be good enough to sell, so your potential customers will be awed sufficiently to want to hear more from you and see what else you have in store. Never offer junk.

A downloadable pdf works well, according to my mentor, John Thornhill. He’s been the brains behind many wealthy marketers’ success and he recommends using special reports to gather leads.

He provides an excellent lead generator report for all his students.

After getting this precious email information, you must establish a relationship with these people through a well-thought-out series of email messages.

People will buy from people they like and trust. Never forget that. So, it’s okay to show that you’re human!

They will like you even better if you discuss with them how you made one (or more) mistakes in the past but learned from them. That makes you more like them!

So, go ahead and send more good content and a little bit about your business journey before you start offering your products and services.

When you do offer something, they will be far more likely to trust you and buy whatever you are currently offering and future offerings. Remember, it’s much easier to get someone to buy from you again than it is to woo a new customer!

Special reports can be the tools you need to gain the authority you need to become your target markets’ go-to guru.

Thanks for reading,
Kristi Sayles

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