Who wants to follow my journey with NFTs?

I just recently joined OpenSea and created a couple of NFTs.

I simply took photos of my 1967 Camaro and my dog in hot dog costume and

followed the directions and minted my NFT for free.

Then, I decided to try my hand at buying an NFT. I'm an Elvis Presley fan, so

when I saw one for $35.00, I decided to make an offer! I offered a whopping .0006 ETH.

That's $2.67 USD. The next day I found that my offer had been accepted, so I figured out how to

buy the Elvis NFT. I now own two.

Then, I found something surprising…

I had an extra NFT in my portfolio that I hadn't bought! It says it was air-dropped.

I have got to learn how in the world that happened and if it's going to happen again. 🙂