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We'll Create A Custom Done-For-You High Converting Facebook Funnel!

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Here Is The Secret Formula In A Nutshell...


This includes the advertisement we create for the top of your funnel, and it’s designed to generate highly targeted clicks.


At this stage of the formula a very warm prospect clicks on your ad, and you start to develop a relationship and bond with them.


You get materials to retarget people who interacted with your content but didn’t complete a purchase.

What Is The Proven ADS Formula?

It's an ROI-boosting formula that includes these three parts:

Advertise (your offer)
Develop (your relationship with your prospects)
Sell (your product)

We've tested this formula up one side of Facebook and back down the other. Across audiences, across niches, across offers... it just keeps working.

We can't give any more specifics on how the formula works, as we need to keep it under wraps in order to protect our business. But rest assured, we've used this formula to create a high converting Facebook funnel package for you that includes...

Audience research and targeting to drive insane conversions.
An engaging quiz that almost mercilessly hooks your prospects.
A high-converting landing page to get them diving into your list.
Eye-catching graphics to further ignite response.
A retargeting campaign to skyrocket your conversions and ROI.
And much more!

Here’s a detailed look at what your ADS-based package includes when you order today…

Part 1 Of The ADS Formula:

This includes the advertisement we create for the top of your funnel, and it’s designed to generate highly targeted clicks. 

We also work hard to hook your audience and pre-frame the sale of the product you’re promoting.

This part of the formula includes these deliverables:

Audience research and targeting

You tell us a little bit about your audience, and we’ll give you detailed instructions (with screenshots) showing you exactly who to target and how to do it, based on your audience’s demographics, interests, and competing pages. 

Angle / Hook research

Here we use our research and our team’s best creative minds to create a compelling hook for your campaign that your prospects will find irresistible. 

 Ad copy

This includes a “grab ‘em by the collar” headline and ad content with variations that are designed to hook your prospects and get the click.

Ad creative

Our top-tier designers will create pattern-interrupt images that your audience can’t help but notice.

Part 2 Of The ADS Formula:

At this stage of the formula a very warm prospect clicks on your ad, and you start to develop a relationship and bond with them.

This part of the formula includes the following deliverables:

Custom-tailored landing page quiz and copy

This quiz instantly engages your prospects, qualifies them, and pre-frames your offer.

Call-to-actions and headlines

 That drive attention to the content.

Part 3 Of The ADS Formula:

At this part of the funnel you get materials to retarget people who interacted with your content but didn’t complete a purchase. These are your best prospects, as you can reach them for mere pennies on the dollar. It’s not unusual to get 1000%  ROI with our custom retargeting campaigns!

The deliverables for this part of the funnel include:

Ad copy and creatives

That are specially designed to save the sale and drive up your ROI.

Story-based landing page copy

 That engages prospects on an emotional level and compels them to take action.

This is a complete done-for-you service that’s worked again and again for marketers just like you who want to get great results.

Even Some Of The Best Copywriters And Marketers I've Ever Seen Still Struggle To Create Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns And Funnels...

And here's why:

Creating an effective Facebook ad campaign is a bit different than other campaigns.  This means if you try to apply the regular ad copy, designs and “rules” to a Facebook campaign, it’s gonna flop. Guaranteed.

Let me put it to you this way: if you take what you know about showering and apply it to swimming in a riptide, you’re doing to drown.

Same thing here. If you take what you know about creating ad campaigns and apply it to Facebook, you’re going to blow a huge hole in your budget. One set of skills doesn’t apply to the other.

The reason I know this is because I’ve had the same experience with Facebook some years back. It’s humbling, that’s for sure. And frustrating. And confusing.

What I did was roll up my sleeves and start testing like crazy. After many thousands of dollars and many months of testing, I finally figured out what the secret is. And I’ve been using it ever since for myself and my clients to create high-converting, super-profitable campaigns.

Here's What Jeffrey Gignac, one of the leading experts in NLP and Brainwave Entrainment had to say about our DFY service...

Jeffrey Ginac, CEO
Passive Brain Fitness

"I've paid $3k+ for work that was half as good. Thanks for the excellent work."

And You Can Be Next!

That’s because today I’d like to offer you my team’s expertise to create a high-converting Facebook funnel offer for your business using our proprietary ADS formula.

But first, let’s see if you’re qualified…

Who’ll Benefit the Most From This Done-For-You Facebook Funnel Offer?

If you’re selling anything online – whether it’s your own product, a service, or an affiliate offer – then this package will get leads flowing to your list and sales flowing into your account.

Do you fit into any of these categories of people who benefit from our services?


Author, Ghost writer, Product creator, digital marketer, software designer, SaaS vendors...


Agency owners, Facebook consultant, PPC marketer, coach, consultant, speakers


Dropshipper, ecom affiliate, seller, product creator

Lead generation & Affiliates

List builder, affiliate / cpa marketers, influencers, Clickbank affiliates

We're With You Every Step Of The Way

Our five-star customer success team is smart, friendly, and here to get you results.

Time frame to get your package: 2 weeks.

Do You Want These Results Too?

We can do this funnel package for you or for your clients. If you’re an agency owner needing 10 or more packages, we can even hook you up with a volume discount.

And yes… we do absolutely everything for you, from selecting a highly targeted audience to creating eye-catching graphics to crafting irresistible ads and landing page copy (quiz, story based / advertorial).

You don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars like I did to try to figure out how to turn a profit with a Facebook ad campaign.

Let my team shortcut the process and get you in the black fast with our proven done-for-you Facebook funnel using our exclusive ADS formula.

Our competitors are charging $3000 or more for their campaigns using template, rehashed copy.

NONE of them use the ADS formula like we do.  And you can bet they’re not getting the results we deliver for our clients.

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