Have you been wondering if you should put AdSense on your site?

Let's consider the pros and cons of this internet advertising strategy.

AdSense is generally a great webmaster tool. I used to use it and made good money with it. I'm hoping to make cash with again soon. I'll explain that in a minute.

AdSense helps webmasters focus on producing quality content that will attract many potential clickers.

AdSense can also be very well incorporated with your website, making it easy to customize in terms of colors, size and location, which means you can play with it in whatever way you want to increase your profits.

AdSense is a very good way to produce continuous on-site sales.

All you need to do is build some quality content, keep it updated continuously, and live off your website. Many people are doing precisely that with AdSense today because it's becoming a company in itself.

It's also an excellent program because all the sites have the same account ads. This is perfect for webmasters with loads of content because it means they don't need to build several accounts unnecessarily.

But as mentioned above, advertising with AdSense has some negative implications, and here's a small list of such drawbacks.

The most harmful effect that AdSense can have on you is by Google closing your accounts. This occurs most of the time because of the so-called ‘click fraud,' which means someone creates fake clicks on your website. It could be your competition or just someone that likes clicking, but not buying.

Let me tell you a true story…

One day I showed a friend named Karen how I could get paid every time someone clicked on my Adsense ad.

She was impressed. “Wow, that's cool, Kristi!” she said.

About two weeks later, I logged into my AdSense account only to find that I had been banned! The site said that I had violated the rules! Now, I'm not one to break rules, so I was very upset! I begged them to tell me WHY I was banned, but just got a canned reply that didn't explain anything.

That day I was talking to Karen when she said something that made it all clear. “Kristi, I hope you're making good money! I've been clicking on those ads on your site every day and sometimes several times a day!” She seemed so pleased. She really thought she was helping me!

I didn't have the heart to tell her she had gotten me banned from the site!

I begged AdSense to renew my account. But they refused.

That was over five years ago. Yesterday, I went to my blogger blog and there sat an offer to make money with AdSense! I filled in the form quickly with a different phone number and email that I had used before, and was soon accepted back into the program!